Security Plugins for WordPress

Today we will talk about WordPress security which is very important topic for all whose blog has ever been hacked. Below you’ll find list of useful plugins that will help you to protect your blog from external intervention that may bring you some moral and financial damage. Of course these plugins can’t guarantee you 100% protection and maybe you’ll be lucky not to face with these problems but you know that there is nothing like being on the safe side. Please be attentive and carefully read information about each plugin to be sure that it will be compatible with your WordPress version. Now I want to wish you good luck and don’t forget about protection.

1. Secure WordPress

This multi-functional plugin offers a set of useful features including such features as removing plugin-updates and theme-updates for non-admins, hiding WordPress version in the dashboard for non-admins, removing error information (when you’ve entered wrong password at the login page) and many more.


* * *

2. WP Security Scan

Wonderful monitoring tool that scans your WordPress installation and suggests your some possible ways to improve the security. This plugin would help you to make your passwords being more secure, to hide WordPress version at the front-end, to manage file permissions and so on.


* * *


3. Admin SSL

Just click to enable SSL at the plugin page and your login page, admin area, posts, pages will be secured by Private or Shared SSL. This plugin is compatible with WordPress 2.7 and we are waiting that soon it will be updated to 3.0 version.


* * *

4. WordPress AntiVirus

WordPress AntiVirus protects your blog from viruses, worms and malware that could harm your website. This plugin monitors your files and gives you a warning about possible attacks.


* * *

5. TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker)

Theme Authenticity Checker is very useful tool that will scan all files of the themes that are installed at your blog and lets you know if there is any malicious or unwanted code hidden. This will help you to avoid some non-wanted advertising from your page, but before removing anything from your theme’s source files – contact theme provider to know more about this code or script.


* * *

6. CHAP Secure Login

While we are talking about security of your password it is very important to be protected while using some unsecure connection channels. CHAP plugin will encript your password right after you’ll activate the plugin from admin panel. The next time you login, your password will be secured.


* * *

7. WordPress Database Backup

This plugin creates backups of your core WordPress tables and helps you to restore your databases in case your blog has been hacked by bad guys. Requires WordPress 2.0.3 or newer version.


* * *

8. Login LockDown

Login LockDown records IP adress, time-stamp of every failed login attempt to your blog. This plugin can turn off login function due a certain number of failed logins to protect password from being discovered. You can set many useful options for this plugin manually from the admin panel.


Written by Edward Korcheg






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