Pano Zero Client

The heart of the Pano System is the Pano zero client, a whole new class of desktop computing hardware.  Pano endpoints are referred to as “zero clients” because, unlike traditional thin clients, they have no CPU, no memory, no operating system, no drivers, no software and no moving parts.

They simply serve to connect peripheral input-output devices – a keyboard, mouse, VGA display, and audio output – along with other USB peripherals to a virtualized Microsoft Windows desktop operating system running on a server in the data center.

Panos not only help you cut the costs of hardware and IT support – they also conserve electricity, using as little as 3% of the energy consumed by even an EnergyStar certified desktop PC.

Panos connect using the purpose-built Pano Direct Protocol over standard UDP protocols on your Ethernet LAN, along with leveraging your DHCP and Active Directory servers, making them easy to integrate into your existing LAN and security management infrastructure. 

Panos are also stateless – in other words, they not store anything at all about the user, the desktop virtual machine, or any data used by it. This provides both enhanced data security, since they never contain data that might be lost or stolen, and productivity benefits.   It saves you time shutting down and booting up, and you can immediately resume work with the same set of open applications and files – for example when moving from your office to a conference room to make a presentation or when finishing up work at home in the evening.

The clean and functional design of the Pano was created by Whipsaw, one of the world’s leading industrial design firms, helping it fit into modern office and public environments unlike bulky PCs.

For more information, please download the Pano System Data Sheet.

And for more on how a true zero client works, please download the Zero Client Reference Architecture.


We are able to make this dream a reality with the proper implementation from Business Remedy and our staff which includes a certified Project Manager. 

Business Remedy is the leading Houston IT Support & Houston Managed Services provider here to help via the web (, email (, or phone (832-261-4113). We are standing by to help you with all of you Technology requirements.




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