IT Best Practices


No one set of rules can protect every business, but thoughtful owners 

and managers take steps like these:

1.  Close security gaps: Laptops travel, and contractors and visitors connect 

to your network. Protect network endpoints, not just perimeters.

2.   Integrate defenses: Combine antivirus, firewall, intrusion detection, and 

vulnerability management at endpoints, and add encryption if they travel.

3.   Patch software: Threats evolve, so close vulnerabilities quickly by applying 

updates from Microsoft® and other software providers.

4.  Update virus definitions: keep your virus definitions up to date so your 

antivirus software recognizes new threats.  

5.  Alert employees: Warn them about attachments and links in unexpected 

email, and in software downloads before they are scanned for viruses.

6.  Don’t invite trouble: File-sharing services and websites may install malicious 

code automatically. Stop them with training, policies, and software.

7.  Strengthen passwords: Require passwords that mix letters and numbers—

never names or dictionary words—and change them often.

8.  Schedule backups: Implement and enforce backup schedules for your servers, 

desktops, and laptops—and automate as much as you can.

9.  Back up complete systems, too: A “down” server means lost business, so back up 

the operating system, applications, configurations, and settings, not just files.

10.  Keep off-site backups: Make sure files and systems can survive fire, flood, 

vandalism, sabotage, loss of your facility, or even a regional disaster.

11.  Test backups: Don’t wait until recovery to discover a resource, process, or 

technical shortcoming—test the entire cycle.

12.  Get help: Call Business Remedy 832-261-4113 or toll-free at 1-855-765-4444 to make sure these rules are held while you run your business. We are also available via our website and email



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