JoliCloud: Beating Google Chrome OS At Its Own Game?

Jolicloud, the company behind the cloud-based instant-on Jolicloud OS, has already released their Jolicloud branded Jolibook. Is Jolicloud set to succeed while Google Chrome OS drifts into vaporware? Here’s some perspective…

Jolicloud’s pitch is simple:

“We are making your computer fast, fun and beautiful. Install Jolicloud and discover the Web the way it was meant to be.”

Check out Jolicloud’s interface on their site, it’s quite inviting. More so than Chrome OS. But very much like Chrome OS, it’s browser-centric and app-centric. Like Chrome OS, you can download it, and now — beating Google to the punch — buy a branded netbook designed to run Jolicloud optimally. What’s more, Jolicloud is working with different manufactures to build more specific netbooks for specific needs. But don’t call them netbooks, please, Jolicloud calls them ‘purpose-built’ computers.

Okay, so what does this all mean for Google?

Well, Google probably isn’t shaking in their boots, but they might be sore for a swift kick to the butt. Jolicoud’s foray into this arena before Google gets Jolicloud some initial name recognitio. Jolicloud also wins some major kudos from the netbook community. But we’ll be watching to see how the Google Chrome OS strategy also evolves.

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