Apple vs. the little guy. How sad

Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) is contesting a U.S. district court jury verdict ordering the Cuppertino, Calif.-based company to pay Mirror Worlds Technologies $625.5 million for patent infringements involving technology for displaying files on the iPod, the iPhone and Macintosh computers, according to The New York Times.

The lawsuit, filed in 2008, focuses on Apple’s Spotlight, Time Machine and Cover Flow applications. Cover Flow is a central feature of Apple’s computers and mobile devices that allows users to scroll through album covers, photos and other files. Spotlight searches computer hard drives, and Time Machine automatically saves copies of files.

Apple lawyers requested the verdict be stayed Sunday in an emergency motion, saying Mirror Worlds Technologies is seeking three times the appropriate compensation, which should be $208.5 million per patent, The New York Times reported. In the past, they argued that the patent had not been infringed. Apple’s lawyers said that Mirror Worlds Technologies had been sold for $210,000 and, later, $5 million and thus the patents were not worth more.

U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis, of United States District Court in the Eastern District of Texas, asked both parties to submit arguments on the merits of the verdict award. The verdict is one of the largest patent awards on record. Apple’s worth in cash and securities is an estimated $45.8 billion.

Mirror Worlds Technologies was founded by David Gelernter, a Yale University computer science professor who suffered serious injuries in 1993 after opening a package mailed to him Theodore Kaczunski, the Unabomber terrorist. By Zewde Yeraswork, CRN


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